If software selection is NOT in your bag of tricks, add a little magic with Software Mage.

Software Mage’s RFP Builder for AMS or CRM helps you navigate the Association Management System (AMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system selection process with tools to gather requirements, draft your RFP, and evaluate vendor responses. 

We have baked in more than 20 years of industry experience and dozens of implementations to take the guess work out of picking the best platform to meet your organization’s needs.

RFP Builder for AMS or CRM
Software Mage Mobile IT solutions for associations

501Works 2021 AMS/CRM Systems Selection Survey Results

Find out what over 230 of your peers really think about the AMS/CRM selection process! 

The first look at the results are now available!

  • Get feedback from those who have gone through the process.
  • Gain insights from vendors and consultants.
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Why Use Software Mage?

System selection is time consuming, expensive, and not easy to master. What impact can this have on your staff?

Software Mage-Maggie
0 hrs
$20,000 & 500 Hours of Staff time spent on system selection

The average staff time spent on gathering and writing system requirements, building an RFP, evaluating vendor responses, and making an AMS selection affects your organization’s bottom line.

Software Mage reduces staff time and financial investment by using a consistent process for your system selection.

0 times
3 - 4 Times in a Career

Most association staff members will be involved in selecting a major system up to 4 times in their career – not enough to gain comfort with the in-depth selection process.

You need support to make the best decision possible. 

$ 10000
$10,000 - $70,000 Estimated Cost of Engaging an AMS Consultant

Hiring a consultant is a good investment for those who can afford it, but what about those who can’t?

Software Mage is an affordable option to help you successfully navigate the maze of considerations and requirements to select a great system.

Software Mage takes the load off so you can focus on serving your members.

501Works combined our years of experience in software design, development, and business solutions and packed it into Software Mage. Software Mage, RFP Builder for AMS or CRM, is a selection guide you can trust to take you through the important steps to make an informed and targeted AMS selection.

Our efficient, client-proven process makes it:

Easier, Easier, Easier

RFP Builder for AMS or CRM questions

Easier to build

Easier to build the documents that help vendors understand your organization’s needs

Easier to engage

Easier to exchange documents and engage with your vendors

RFP Builder for AMS or CRM
RFP Builder for AMS or CRM

Easier to be confident

Easier to be confident in your final system selection

What is Software Mage?

Software Mage will guide you through the software selection process so smoothly, it will seem like magic!

Software Mage includes:

Requirements Builder

Answer simple, straightforward questions about your organization and let Software Mage develop a comprehensive matrix of system requirements.

Use the matrix as part of your RFP and to develop other project documentation such as user stories, testing scripts, and progress tracking.

Project Document Repository

System selection and implementation creates a lot of paperwork! Let Software Mage store your important project documents such as Final Contracts, Master Service Agreements (MSA), and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

RFP Builder

Software Mage creates a customized RFP to provide vendors with key project components. Schedule for selection and implementation including system evaluation criteria and budget worksheets that allow you to make comparisons across vendors.

Software Mage Best Practice Resources Center & Vendor Directory

Selection and implementation best practices along with other helpful tools are included in the Resource Center to assist you on the journey through the selection and implementation process.

Business Process Continuity

Document where your organization’s IT systems started before system selection and map where they are going to enable staff to easily access and reference a historical record of the organization’s technology.

System Selection and Project Management Tips

As you go through the process, Software Mage provides you with tips and help guides to keep you on track to making informed decisions.